There are over 2000 species of named euphorbias. Not all of them are succulents. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large and tree-like while many are small like cactus. They are found in Madagascar ,Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. They are sun-loving, and certainly prefer the warm to cold. They grown from seeds, cuttings, rhizomes, and sometimes even leaves. But care must be taken when dealing with these plants because they contain a poisonous sap, milky in appearance. Wash your hands thorouhgly after any contact.




Euphorbia Punicea

The Flame of Jamaica is my Euphorbia of the Year


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         Some Euphorbia Species

abyssinica.jpg baioensis.jpg decaryi.jpg desmondi.jpg geroldi.jpg
ingens.jpg mayarunathani.jpg grandicornis.jpg lactea.jpg heptagona.jpg
leuconeura.jpg meloformis.jpg mix 008.jpg obesa.jpg resinifera.jpg
vigueri.jpg nerifolia.jpg royleana.jpg polygona.jpg virosa.jpg