Succulents Trail



The Saguaro National Park

Two rugged national parks;  In the east, over 50000 acres at the foot of the Rincon Mountains with all the best examples of desert life.  In the West, a striking example of Sonoron Desert life against the backdrop of Tuscon Mountains.  Well worth a visit.



Below the Succulent Conservatory at Kew Gardens in London which is one of the oldest Botanical Gardens in the world.             /



The Mediterranean climate is responsible for the prolific abundance of succulents growing along the coast.  Here, yowill witness gardens of all sizes, some formal and yet others very informal.  Also prevalent, are the number of succulent nuseries.  Examples are illustrated below.

Agave salmiana.jpg cactusmaniaN.jpg caudiciforms.jpg pachypodium.jpg cristate cacti.jpg
E. abyssinica.jpg euphorbia.jpg exotique.jpg ferrocactus.jpg jardin exotique.jpg
agaves.jpg pachypodiums.jpg pachycauls.jpg Pallanca.jpg pallanca2.jpg





If you happen to be in Los Angeles,  a visit to Huntington Gardens is must.  Although it  covers a wide assortment of plants, Its Desert Garden is absolutely superb.

copiapoa.jpg euphorbia milii.jpg IMG_0404x.jpg IMG_8398.jpg linguiformis.jpg
lobivia.jpg mammillaria.jpg opuntia tree.jpg o littoralis.jpg opuntia cristate.jpg
palo verde.jpg parryi.jpg puya.jpg stenocereus.jpg welwitschia m.jpg



A glimpse of succulents from Fairchild Tropical Garden, in Miami.